Say howdy to the voices in my head for me, we're not on speaking terms at the moment.

   Friday, January 16, 2004

We shall not cease from exploration,
And the end of all our exploring
Will be to arrive where we started,
And know the place for the first time

-TS Eliot

Yeah, so I kinda figured I would keep writing in here for a while at least. I was sitting last night with some friends of mine discussing this whole 'online diary' issue. At times I feel like it's the biggest waste of time ever - I mean, in all honesty, who ever reads these things? Okay, well you are now, but that's different, because you clearly have no life. It's also kind of pretentious in a way, believing that my life is of interest to anyone else in the world. Hell, it isn't of interest to me half the time, let alone you lot. The other side of it is of course that is is quite fun. In a strange way. Maybe the entire act of writing simply helps to release the built-up pressures inside of us that make us go crazy. Or...nah, it's Friday evening, no time for thinking.

Well, exams are now officially upon us. Bugger me. Not literally though - unless of course your an extremely hot looking chick. Everytime I look around me a see people worrying and revising and working and worrying. And then I think about how much work I'VE personally been doing. I'll give you a hint - think of the smallest number you can, half it, and then add it to the number of good television programmes ever on terrestrial TV. That's roughly the amount I've done. Hopefully *crosses fingers* I'll be able just to wing it though these exams like I've done for every single one I've had so far.
They say hard work won't kill you, but I for one am not willing to find out for sure.

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