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   Thursday, September 18, 2003

MUSIC: Frente - Bizzare Love Triangle
MOOD: Cynical

Picture this scene. Boy sitting on computer, happily typing away.
"Tap tap. Tap. Tap tap, click"
"Will you nearly be finished with the computer?"
"Gimme a sec Dad, so I can finish writing this email"
"Just don't be too long"
"Yes yes, I hear yo...ACK, WHAT THE HELL?! Umm Dad? Have you ever recieved the message - 'Warning - A critical error has occured. Your computer has suffered irrevocable damage. There is nothing you can do to fix the problem.'
"It says WHAT?"

I could go off on a nice little tangent about the intransigence of fathers when it comes to faith in their children, but for now I'll stick to my main point. How on earth do things manage to break by themsleves, and with such astonishing regularity?
The other day I was putting dishes into our, admittedly decrepit, dishwasher, when all of a sudden the door fell off. Just like that. No warning. And of course it's my fault too. Then the remote control for the TV stops working. Now this one was of great importance, the Simpsons was about to start and we were on the wrong channel, and I certainly wasn't going to get up to change the channel on the TV itself, and my Mum had that steely stubborn glint in her eyes which suggested she wasn't going to either. Of course there was no mention of maybe just that the batteries had failed on the remote, no no, it was my fault.
It just gets a bit tiring after a while, with everything constantly screwing up. And no matter how many times you swear at it, you plead with it, you huff with it, all the normal stages of persuasion, the damned thing simply refuses to work. it's not to just limited to material objects either, oh no, that would make life too easy. Relationships as well suffer the same problem. Everything is going fine, then BOOM, it's not anymore, and who's fault is it? Muggins here. So I've come up with this conclusion. With regards my life, everything breaks down on schedule.

   Monday, September 15, 2003

Do you ever get the feeling that life lulls you into a false sense of security, and then when your least expecting it, it turns round, puts on it's size 12 boots with steel toe-caps, and kicks you in the mouth? If you have - welcome to my world.

Here's the story. I'm good friends with this guy and his family. Conversation one day got round to another family they new well, let's call them family X. Anyway, I was partnered with family X's younger son through a buddy scheme so it was all like, oh yeah, cool. Later on, back at the ranch, I was fixing up dad's old record player. Asked where he got it from, and he said family X. It took a sec to sink in, but I remembered and was all 'wow, you know them too?' My sister had heard this convo, and she interrupted, mentioning that she had been friends with a member of family X who was in her year. Then my sis also recalled that her best friend babysits for them too. Well knock me down with a huge iron mallet. What are the chances of this? FIVE people, in completely unrelated ways, all knowing this one family without realising it. Drove me mad. So I did the only thing I could, being ostensibly British. I had a cup of tea and thought about it.

It's these little unconnected things that make you realise that maybe after all things aren't just coincidences. Okay, it's not on the same scale of impossible coincidences as say, Creation over evolution, which argues that the chances of all this evolving on Earth is like a whirlwind whipping pieces of machinary together into a working Boeing 747. But still, it's about as likely as say a strong wind blowing a cup, hot water and a teabag all into the same place and then stirring it. Which isn't very, is it? So whatddya think, is there a grand plan for things, or do we just womble along, chance and happenstance reigning supreme? I'll wait for that cup of tea to decide.

Heard a while ago on the news, the main story no less, that a half-sister of the tennis famous William's sisters had been shot and killed. In a move which shocked my nicey-nice sister, I declared my complete lack of sympathy. Call me cold-hearted, but there is a point I'm trying to make somewhere. People die every day. Four people died today in a road accident in Scotland. Yet the William's sister takes precedence. Why? Money. Fame. And this is what makes me quite irate. See, I view human life on a par. Why in the 7 shades of hell should I care more about this William's sister than I should about the four people in the car accident, or indeed the thousands of other people who have undoubtedly died today. The media certainly do though. Because she's connected in some way to someone popular. Whoop-de-do.

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